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Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty

The UN has vowed to wipe out poverty. Its a big goal, and I’m not really sure if its even viable. But while looking at some research on poverty this past week, I ran across the webpage below from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The page highlights a report they have […] - (read more)

Why Bernie Sanders Spoke At Conservative Liberty University

Bernie Sanders is the first Democratic presidential candidate to ever speak at Liberty University’s weekly convocations. And if you haven’t listened to the speech, you really should . There are two reasons to watch this full speech, one being that the majority of speeches we are seeing in full are the Donald and Hillary and […] - (read more)

There Is A National Voting Machine Crisis And It’s Affecting Elections

Call me crazy, but how many lawsuits will there be because of voting machine failure by one party or the other? The funding to replace these antiquated machines isn’t available; and one can’t help but wonder when looking at the map in the article if the lack of funding isn’t by design. Read the Full […] - (read more)

You Can Now Donate To A Political Candidate Straight Through Twitter

While this article focuses mostly on donating to political campaigns, you will be able to also donate to causes. I find the ability to donate to a cause way more of a plus than the ability to donate to a candidate. Hopefully, the candidates will refrain from using this new tool as a way to […] - (read more)